Great Food Waste Audit Day at Learning Gate Community School

‘Gloves?’ ’Check!’
‘Clip boards?’ ‘Check!’
‘Interview sheet?’ ‘Check!’

Today, some NHS students in Learning Gate Community School run the Food Waste Audit for the 7th and 8th grade students in their dinning hall. Both the reasons of dumping unfinished food and the weight of those food waste according to the different categories (grain, fruits&vegetables, protein and diary) are recorded carefully by the audit team as the important data to analyze. Recommendations will be made afterwards to prevent more food waste on their campus.

The collected food waste is much less than I thought partly because of the environmental protection education or program the school usually offered or because most children bring their lunch from home and the school lunch offers the appropriate portion size of food for the students.

Great job, team! Next step: be our food waste audit warrior and do the food waste audit at your home!