Dump Food Waste from the Audit to the Landfill? No Way!!!

We are very glad to have the food waste from the student audits for our biodigesters. The methane and the liquid fertilizer covert from the food waste will be used to cooking and growing our vertical garden.   — Dr. T.H.Culhane, Patel College of Global Sustainability, USF

The main purpose of doing this audit is to tell students the most efficient way to prevent food waste is reduce the source of food waste, which means no over consumption of the food. However, the food waste collected by students at Learning Gate Community School in the cafeteria audit we are conducting this week will be converted to energy when we deliver the waste to be used in the biodigester at the Rosebud Continuum Education Center operated by Professor Culhane.

Will the food waste from the audit still goes to the landfill? NO WAY!

After the audit, the food waste (school cafeteria scrape, leftovers) are transported by school volunteers to Rosebud Continuum Education Center in Land O’Lakes. There, three big biodigestors are eager to have those food waste they will convert to the gas for the center to cooking and the liquid fertilizer to grow herbs and fruit forest.

Please watch this 30 second video about how food scraps are put into the biodigester at Rosebud Continuum.

Transport food waste from the Audit at Learning Gate Community School to Rosebud Continuum Education Center to feed the biodigester!