TT Farm 2 School

For several years as part of its regular offerings, Greco Middle School has offered classes in culinary arts and agriculture and has a teacher for each of those two subjects. In partnership with the newly formed Farm 2 School board, school administrators have agreed to encourage the two teachers to coordinate their efforts so that students have opportunity to grow and prepare healthy food.

 Nearby Student Volunteering Base: The University of South Florida campus is just two miles west of Greco Middle School and has students interested in local agriculture and civic action and some professors and others willing to help facilitate student engagement in Farm to Fork project at Greco and across Temple Terrace.


Robust civic engagement culture in Temple Terrace: Temple Terrace has long held numerous civic organizations and has the reputation for being a better than average community of civically engaged citizens.  These tendencies brought the community garden to Greco and these tendencies that have propelled this initiative forward since June 2014.